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The Impact of cultural values on Service Quality
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Central Question: How do customers' cultural values impact the Service Quality on Hospitality? 'A research to be conducted in a Business Boutique Hotel and 4 and 5 resort Hotels in Cyprus' Sub-questions: 1. Do customers' cultural values differ from a resort to a business boutique Hotel and if they do in what they differ? 2. What's the outcome of cross cultural evaluations between a business boutique Hotel to a 4 and 5 resorts in Cyprus? 3. How should we properly measure Service Quality in 4 and 5 Hotels in Cyprus? Very little research has been conducted which investigates the impact of cultural values on hospitality service quality (Armstrong, Mok, Go, 1997, p.184). Vinson and Munson (1976) determined that values of an exciting life and pleasure influenced the appeal of travel to different market groups, i.e. segments. Boote (1981) found that personal values are better segmentations variables than demographic characteristics in segmenting the family restaurant market. Pitts and Woodside (1983) investigated the relationship between value orientations and personal criteria in the selection of recreational and travel activity.

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